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May 20, 2007

It snowed in April

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Or it might have been March. Everything flies bySnowy WalkMore snow fun


Fun at The Farm Park

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This next set are from a visit me made to a local farm park in the middle of April 2007

2 and the giantStereo Slides

Maisie at The Fair

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After the Snake excitement we headed for the fairground rides and Maisie had a brilliant time on the Teacups

Maisie Teacup Smile

Maisie Teacup Laughter

Finn The Snakeboy

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Hello and Welcome to the Finn & Maisie Blog. At the moment most entries are posted by me, Colin, letting anyone interested see the things I capture on my camera and with my phone. Perhaps at a later date Finn and Maisie will post stuff themselves ? We’ll see 🙂

Recently we visited a fair in Carmarthen and saw a man called Geraint The Snakeman. In a small tent he had on display several snakes and other insects. Finn and Maisie marvelled at the assembled creatures and Finn was even bold enough to has his photo taken with a snake around his neck. He removed his jumper to show off hie beloved ‘Guitar Hero’ Tee-shirt and gave us all a lovely big smile as the camera caught him at his best angle.

Maisie looked on proudly but couldn’t muster the nerve for a snake shot herself.

Finn The Snakeboy

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